About IFS

We are specializing on developing software for brokerage on world financial markets

Our company

IFS is a strong software development company that builds advanced solution for brokers

We have a wide range of products suitable for both start-up companies, which are at the beginning primary focused on finding the best solutions at the most competitive price and for consolidated entities that are looking for full package of solutions (client area, back-office, registration forms and others) on different levels of integration (online payments, platforms, CRM systems, compliance application ect.)

The main principle of our solutions is — managing your business with a single application. We offer a unique solution which is called IFS+. It gives a possibility to manage all phases of back office and client personal area in application.

The basic idea is to create a solution that helps to speed up and simplify as much as possible operative management of back and middle office, find solutions that support risk management and activities of the dealing desk, MAM/PAMM to develop business asset management; Strategic Training for combining/translating the trading strategies; IFS Bridge — to connect to different liquidity providers and automate the trading process with minimum latency and maximum effectiveness.

All ready solutions that can be customized are based on the partner’s requirements.

As a long-term plan it is essential for us to establish strong and long-lasting relationship with our partners and we are proud to be in good standing with our customers.


IFS+ helps you fully automate your online FX brokerage business workflow. This great web-based solution carries out the process of the relationship between a client and the broker in an automatic and convenient manner